Since state limits altered plenty, We hoped that setting names of the place could be productive

Since state limits altered plenty, We hoped that setting names of the place could be productive

Location Study, Northern Shoulder Grants: I’ve undergone all five volumes away from Peggy Shomo Joyner’s Abstracts regarding Virginia’s Northern Shoulder Is deserving of Surveys (Portsmouth, Virginia: 5008 Dogwood Trail, 23703, 1985), seeking to to locate the William and you may Hannah (Richardson) Hallway as well as their family. In many cases it was not obvious which “Large Work at” was known, thus i attempted to implement the fresh new reference most utilized in this new action records of these state. This is certainly a number of material–I rencontrer échangistes en ligne don’t allege that it because the a definitive research, however, promote everything i have accumulated, below: Wide Work with Department Of your own POTOMAC: 1726 Anthony Russell, 1727 James Thomas, Col. Henry Ashton, Francis Russell, Foser, Norman, Cock(e), Diggs, (CC [acronym for “strings providers”] Wm.

Thos. Thornton, Capt. Tebs, Col. Dick, Col. Carter, Capt. Middleton, Wm. Hallway, Edw. Graham, Col. Richard Blackburn, Matthew Moss, 1740–John Sturman, Capt. Catesby Cocke, Jas. Murray, Geo. Foster, Jno. Owens, Wm. Western, Wm. Hallway, Geo. Mason, Fr. Awbrey, 1742–John Diskins, John Savage, Hart, Thos. Harper, Leechman, Peyton, Dalles; 1762 Anthony Russell, adj. Col. Catesby Cocke, John Turley, Alexr Nelson (now James Spencer’s), Capt. Anthony Russell; Settlers into GOOSE CREEK, 1730-1741: Francis Awbrey (earlier John Tuton’s), Widow Hawlin (Indian Cabin Br. Ashby, 1754 Majr John Carlyle; Part Of GOOSE CREEK 1741 William Hatcher regarding PA with the br regarding Goose Crk adj Hereh Fairhurst, Abel Janney, Thos Janney, Jacob Janney, blacksmith; 1741, inside the Fairfax Co. Wm. Hall, 1740 George Gregg from PA end in Public relations.

Hall), Henry Holtzclaugh, Mr

Wm. Bronaugh, Majr Steeped. Blackburn, Wm. Cox from PA (Chain Providers Saml. Harrisses), Diskins, Middleton, Elzey, Col. Carter, James Timber, Conyers, Green, Joyner, Samuel Harris (in the fork), Thos. Gregg away from PA, certain Harris off Public relations. Wm. Hanby [who the guy br of Goose Crk adj Lovill Jackson, 1741 Harman Cox out of Public relations. Wm adj. Geo Carter, 1742 for the Fairfax Co. Wm. Thomas Gregg, Joyner and have another region adj. Saml Harris, Joseph Dixson, 1741 John Dixson of Pr. Wm. Ashby, John Kilometers, James Thomas from Westmoreland (adj. Col. Henry Ashton, John Diskins) 1751 Jonas Potts, assignee from John Hartley off Fairfax Co. Isaac Nichols, Harman Cox, John Bishop, Thomas Gregg; 1763 John Stacks, adj.

Landon Carter, Wm Elzey, Jacob Morris, Wm Steerman; as well as toward Beaverdam off Goose Crk while the assignee regarding Charles Lewis, homes adj

John Hemorrhoids, Lewis Elzey, Charles Eco-friendly, Capt. Thomas Pearson; 1763 William Robinson, property adj. Benja Greyson, Amos Janney, Col. Richard Blackburn, Danl French (formerly Amos Into the GOOSE CREEK – 1741 Michael Pedrick out of PA adj Elizabeth Hanby, now partner of George Gregg, from inside the Fairfax Co. Owen, Lasswell, Matthews; NORTHWEST Hand, GOOSE CREEK: Wm. Cox, Gregg, Tayloe, Johnson, Wm. Fairfax, os), Wm. Brownish, CC Thos. Kees, Lasswell, Beason, Towards the, Matthews, Holyfield, Jos. Dixson; 1742 Thomas Norton, assignee out of Thomas Matthews adj Richard Beeson, Joseph Janney, Richard Brown, 1754-55 Joseph West, assignee from Jacob Lasswell, for the NW fk off Goose Crk inside the Fairfax County keeps property adj. Joseph Dixson of PA, Wm. Dodd, Richard Brown, Thomas Matthews, Thomas John, Thomas Janney. Department Off Nothing Lake, GOOSE CREEK: Wm.

Hallway away from Stafford, Thos. Owsley, Edw. Hews (CC Thos. Hallway, John Watson), Col. Carter, Capt. Middleton, Wm. Hallway Sr. Western ( Piney Part); HUNGAR/Food cravings Focus on, GOOSE CREEK: Fishback, Holzclaw, Powell, Miller; Bull run; John Mercer, Robt. Carter, Wm. Hall, Wm. Western, Thos. Owsley; 1765 Capt. Wm. Western end in Loudoun County “regarding Bull-run Mt adj. Jno Hough; Near Material CABIN: Richard Brownish, John Lasswell, CC Sam. Harris; KITTOKTAN CRK. Over GOOSE CREEK, LIMESTONE Run, TUSKORORA A BR. Out of Chill Springtime: Mead, Averill, Miner, Norton, Colvill, John Richardson, Richard Timber, Benj. Grayson, Francis Awbrey (Mason), Dixon (CC Benj. Hawlin), Cocke, Jn. Mercer, Harrison, Jn. Fitzhugh; Southern area Part, ELK Licking Work with/KITTOKTAN CRK: Benj. Grayson, Middleton Shaw, Joseph Henson, John Warner; CLARK’S Run off KITTOKTAN: 1741 David Richardson, Fairfax Co.