Top ten Songs About Relationships Ruined by Alcohol and substance abuse

Top ten Songs About Relationships Ruined by Alcohol and substance abuse

For Women Who’ve Dealt with Alcoholic or Drug Abusing Men

Across all genres and many years of music, from 60s R&B to contemporary nation pop music, Alcohol and drug use happens to be a popular subject. And what’s better creating for the track as compared to frustration to be involved in somebody who abuses substances?

They are tracks for the females on the market who have had to deal with substance abusing boyfriends, husbands or dads. You will find a curveball that is few, though, that provide other views on liquor and medication addiction and had been angsty or interesting adequate to access it record.

10. “Did I Shave My feet with this?” – Deana Carter

In this nation ballad, Carter laments about the disappointments of her wedding and her apathetic spouse. Into the music video clip, they’re living and broke in a trailer, she never ever got her “house on a mountain with a pool.” While all her sluggish spouse can perform is take in alcohol after alcohol, he expects her to make things better when you go to college.

In addition to all this, she’s done herself up, got her locks and finger nails done, wear new heels that are high but still all he cares about is their television and alcohol.

While Carter never ever arrives and claims that her hubby has an Alcohol issue, she does not need to—the alcohol is obviously a part that is big of issue. She says sarcastically “did I shave my legs for this? as she sadly leaves the house, possibly for the last time,”

9. “Blue Flashing Light” – Travis

An alternate stone track, this track that is hidden about an abusive daddy who returns drunk and beats their child. If we hear the line, “talk to your daddy for the reason that modulation of voice,” this father-daughter dynamic becomes clear.

The collective “we” that lead singer Fran Healy utilizes suggests there are family unit members witnessing the punishment, further artwork this picture that is nightmarish. The part that Alcohol plays in this relationship that is abusive revealed within the line, “pushed you apart as he staggered inside/spitting Alcohol on the flooring.”

While this song is not precisely for the girl so it addresses as “you,” it can talk to women that are harmed by males inside their household with drug abuse dilemmas.

8. “Hate Me” – Blue October

Another alternative rock band sings about drug abuse in this platinum single. You can easily have the smoldering and hopeless regret regarding the track’s lyrics in Justin Furstenfeld’s distinct sound.

While components of the song breach the realm of self-loathing and shame, it commends their mom for simply how much she’s assisted him and acknowledges the pain sensation he caused her. “I’m sober now for three entire months, it is one achievement you aided me personally with,” Furstenfeld sings.

He urges her to go on and care for by by herself: “hate me to help you finally see what’s good for you.” While a mom is definately not a fan, she actually is just one more free sugar daddy sites girl whom experienced a man’s drug abuse.

7. “Can’t Hold Us Down” – Christina Aguilera

Alright, that one doesn’t have such a thing to do with abusing medications or liquor, but amidst each one of these unfortunate tales it felt essential to offer a great woman energy track.

She dedicates her track to any or all the ladies who’ve been mistreated: “this for my girls throughout the globe, who’ve encounter a person whom don’t respect your well well worth.” Aguilera reminds ladies to keep strong, hold their ground, to face up and speak out if they are mistreated.

6. “Man Overboard” – Blink 182

Rumor has it that this is really about previous person in the musical organization, Scott Raynor, who developed a hefty consuming issue during their time because of the musical organization. The track reflects in the procedure the musical organization experienced of arriving at terms using the presssing problem: “you’re away from line and seldom sober…. I recall shots with no chaser.”

Despite the fact that this one is not a lot of a feminine anthem or around a relationship that is romantic by addiction, it is a fantastic track that provides launch within the anguish and consequences of drug abuse. The duplicated words, “you is only able to lean on me personally for therefore long,” and also the beat that is energetic away a sense of catharsis.