Superficially, Mol can easily be those types of doosri biwi tropes so dear of your makers

Superficially, Mol can easily be those types of doosri biwi tropes so dear of your makers

In the heady weeks following phenomenal popularity of Humsafar, rumours emerged that the might be the serial so you can get back the newest nation’s favourite jodi, Fawad Khan-Mahira Khan, into additional hype from everybody’s favorite, Sanam Baloch, in its throw.

Although not, the fresh new adventure passed away off as the Fawad left having Bollywood therefore the shed changed completely. Should it be the novel combining out-of Faysal Qureshi and you can Naveen Waqar at the forefront, award-successful copywriter Amna Mufti’s really-crafted program, or manager Ilyas Kashmiri’s effective management of this phenomenal facts by Faysal Manzoor Khan, it serial try and then make swells.

The latest area

Shahryar Hassan’s (Faysal Qureshi) family relations claims he get married his far more youthful cousin Sajal (Iqra Aziz), along with his frustration to flee a beneficial connection he’s got certainly no demand for, the guy enforce having a move regarding Karachi into the provincial however, ancient city of Sukkar. As a beneficial Deputy Commissioner, he fits Imtiaz Saheb (Munawer Saeed), their using in the Sukkar, and you will requires to help you finds out in regards to the special gifts that each city is alleged to hold.

A go ending up in Imtiaz Saheb’s girl Emaan, a teacher from the a school to have special need college students, creates a sequence away from events that lead on their marriage. Shahryar’s dad (Nadeem) and mommy (Ismat Zaidi) was hesitant witnesses for the experience, making once this new Nikkah and you can disowning the child if you’re downright rejecting any contact with Emaan who they believe an unwanted usurper of one’s own options, Sajal.

Just as in really family, in the event, they cannot retain the distance enough time. When you are Sajal and her mothers get over it upsetting getting rejected, their families attempt to mend the fresh rift but a spin stumble on away from Sajal and you can Emaan from the a great Karachi mall opens up the scarcely recovered wounds once again.

One could hardly fault them when audiences lap upwards these rote melodramas using their exhausting “Who’ll make the morning meal chai /paratha?” tournaments and you may “Woh MERA hai” declarations. Meanwhile, the ‘choonna kaka’ spouse sits during the a corner sucking their flash curious in the event the ‘bholi larkiya’ he dropped (it is never ever intentional otherwise his fault) to your relationships which have became such as for example avenging viragos.

An appealing subtext are woven to your lifestyle of those letters from old Sindhi legend brazilcupid regarding Lilan Chanesar. Tradition has actually they you to definitely Raja Chanesar treasured and rotten their wife plenty they might not be parted.

However, Mol has plenty even more opting for they: rich, intricate characterizations similar to the more carefully authored dramas of the past, certain excellent learnt shows from an incredibly talented shed and you may a feeling of concentrate on the story you to grabs the viewers’ appeal.

An appealing subtext try woven to your lifestyle of those letters from ancient Sindhi legend out-of Lilan Chanesar. Lifestyle has it one Raja Chanesar cherished and you can spoiled their partner such they might never be parted. Their queen Lilan got an exhaustion for jewelry and you will silver and provided to help an effective princess, Kaunru, invest per night that have your in exchange for this new princess’s Naulakha Haar. Outraged at the getting used such as this, Chanesar given up Lilan and you can hitched Kaunru however, over time the guy match the new repentant Lilan once again .The fresh new legend leads to new loss of the fresh new queen and you will king, it was interesting to see exactly how that it plays away regarding characters from Mol.

Who are Lilan, who’re Chanesar and perhaps far more intriguingly just who otherwise just what could be the Naulakha Haar?


Faysal Qureshi proves his liberty once again, to tackle the brand new contains, stubborn and you may deeply private Shahryar Hassan having refined excellence. This is exactly men whom features their own the advice, and you will resists identifying his thoughts to have Emaan once the like in the event it means ceding any part of their liberty.