Gay Spanish water polo member says he had been known as slur double in accommodate

Gay Spanish water polo member says he had been known as slur double in accommodate

Winner Gutierrez claims the slurs came after and during a hot accommodate with a competitor Spanish personnel. The player implicated of developing the slurs declines with them.

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Victor Gutierrez at an event in Madrid in 2020. Photos by Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage

Winner Gutierrez, a freely gay Spanish liquids polo professional which was released in 2016, claims an enemy twice-called your the Spanish statement for “faggot” during a match a week ago. The gamer, Nemanja Ubovic, has-been dangling pending an investigation, but this individual denies utilizing the slur.

The disturbance happened during a Spanish group fit between Gutierrez’s Terrassa professionals and Ubovic’s Sabadell personnel. Reported by Gutierrez, the man and Ubovic traded terms throughout fit and Ubovic responded, “shut upward, maricon.” The phrase is a very common Spanish gay slur that approximately equals “faggot.”

As soon as the match, Gutierrez refused to vibrate Ubovic’s hand, leading to the Serbian-born pro to dub your a maricon once again, Gutierrez, 30, claimed in a few tweets. Down the page is a translation on the tweets:

Here however I have to explain how i’ve sustained a sequence of homophobia while competing. A rival possesses labeled as me twice “FAGGOT”.

Truly sad these types of habits occur in football sites and they also get unpunished.

Hopefully the @RFEN_Oficial [noble Spanish cycling Federation] show your rejection of LGTBIphobia. Now I am VERY HAPPY staying just who Really and also to generally be that Really. However today my own splits were of trend and helplessness because a fellow user desires to attack me

The referees have not documented they inside the moments having had maybe not listened to they. But both some other members and people be aware it.

I am 30 years aged and I am a skilled so I try to accomplish activism from having a positive look at our feel, but I reckon i really do personally a disservice by preserving noiseless

But this occurs everyday in swimming pools, football farmland, football surfaces . And it is simply experienced by professionals, within by CHILDREN. I recently wish that together we will get rid of this MARK from sports activity simultaneously. PATIENCE are beyond LGTBIphobia

After Ubovic was dangling whilst incident is being searched, Gutierrez expressed his own thanks for the support he or she was given and claimed his own problem wasn’t for on his own being called manufacturers, but also for the homophobia affecting our youth.

“This event is not likely to outline my entire life,” the man explained, “but however might be found without a doubt mark the everyday lives many small folks for a long time and now we can’t enable they. . We’ll continue carefully with this crucial struggle. I’m delivering one a big kiss.”

Ubovic, through his attorney, denied the allegations he or she made use of a gay slur, phoning Gutierrez’s social networks posts “sensationalist,” and proclaiming Gutierrez fuckr phone number referred to as him or her a “shitty immigrant.”

Gutierrez, “claimed that Nemanja Ubovic allegedly referred to as your ‘maricon,’ which is a derogatory phrase for a homosexual in Spanish, with a purpose to insult him or her actually,” the attorney stated. “However, his own claims are actually positively erroneous, considering that Ubovic never ever intended to insult your judging by their sexual placement.”

Gutierrez’s Terrassa team released a statement of help, and the Sabadell staff claimed they rejected whatever “went against the prices ??of respect, endurance and equality.”

Gutierrez, that played on Spain’s Olympic h2o polo organization, claimed he became available openly in 2016 because “as a gay competitor, I believe the duty to discuss it.”