4L80E Economical stand alone trans control making use of 0411 GM engine PCM.

4L80E Economical stand alone trans control making use of 0411 GM engine PCM.

ALTER 9/26/16 – nowadays You will find over 400 kilometers on this particular stand alone transmission controller. I also just recently activated the torque converter clutch to turn on in overdrive. All things are employed flawlessly and shifts exactly like it ought to.

Since topic states. This is regarding men that happen to be running MegaSquirt, carb or something rather than a plant desktop computer because of their cars. This write-up means OPERATION BELONGING TO THE 4L80E TRANSMISSION. I (Dale Follett) can write out making it maintain a 4L60e as well if their own sufficient focus with it.

We (Dale Follett) was weary of creating my own LS engine/4L80e transmitting bound right up for full handbook device human body and wish they to shifting itself quickly like a plant system. This might be performed by changing across entire motor desktop and utilize back into a factory fashion PCM, just my car is definitely bound up with MegaSquirt 2 i like its properties. A Microsquirt and 4L80e generate try $450.00, but thats a bit much to swing just for automatic transmission control and I wanted a cheaper option. This is just what I invented, merely costs 2 Hewlett Packard tuners Licencing credits and a PCM from your junkyard (utter of $125.00) and certain of my own time.

Desired Products or Methods>

Hewlett Packard tuners software or a person who has a HP tuners screen.

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0411 PCM that was a throttle looks drive by wire design. Does not matter if this would be a 4L60E or 4L80E BUT getting your computer that ran your relaying through the factory from your junkyard is simpler.

All your valuable normal circuit junk. Soldering irons https://datingmentor.org/cs/flirthookup-recenze/, cable strippers, electric recording or you need to be fancy temperatures contract, line, etc.

These Transmission energy connections, and the manufacturing facility PCM electrical connectors, and a OBD2 diagnostics port connector towards Hewlett Packard tuners screen to PCM communications.

As previously reported this is exactly for any 4L80E GM infection USING UPDATED UNDERGO RELAYING CONNECTOR.

Truly the only needed PCM inputs from motor should be only RPM and throttle place. The remainder PCM’s inputs sourced from the sign it self.

Biggest thing here’s PCM collection. You need a PCM that runs a 4L80E preferably or 4L60E which also reads the crankshaft rankings wheel. Case, our firebird arrange is definitely managing a 4.8L LS gen 3 system with the 24X wheel. Hence when it comes to PCM or tune document, it would have to be away from a vehicle which had the LS 24X crankshaft state sensor controls therefore the PCM’s RPM input would look over effectively. When your starting a older style 350 little prevent chevy ascertain want a PCM regarding a chevy specific van and create the system for a similar crankshaft rankings detector and wheel to get the correct RPM enter inside PCM.

The next phase is TPS. For us utilizing EFI however this is no big issue because most people actually have a TPS detector. For those who are considering doing this for ones carburated installations, you need to fabricate a mount throughout your carbohydrate for a TPS detector. This PCM NEED A TPS INSIGHT being operate properly as a transmission controls section.

These days on precisely how to wire it in. Her aren’t any pre-made wiring utilize’ for this which means you will need to help make your very own control. It isn’t a lot of work though and absolutely nothing in comparison to the constructing a engine circuit utilize. I go by pinout matter and connector pin matters accomplish your wires harness’ as the circuit designs may be distinct from model and make vehicle your very own swapping elements around. Merely can make lives straightforward because the wire shades may change from times to times yet the PCM’s pins and connector pinouts never change The PCM and wiring diagrams i take advantage of were your 0411 or P01 GM PCM with the Blue and Red PCM fittings. The pink connector is called C1 while the Red connector is referred to as C2.